Friday, November 16, 2007

Dominican Republic Travel Warning

Two friends returned from the Dominican Republic with a sobering tale.

They were drinking in the resort bar two nights before they left. Several drinks in and that is all that they remember. They awoke the next morning, in their room, their cash was gone. And in the 9 hours of their drug-induced slumber (they were slipped something in their drinks), the robbers had maxed out their credit cards in the hotel casino. They never left the resort and the only people with them were hotel staff. This was an inside job.

Unfortunately, the hotel management and the local police were not very receptive and didn’t even want to take a police report. They seemed more interested in getting rid of my friends, didn’t want to take a police report and really didn’t want them to talk to any other guests. They were able to contest the charges via the credit card company (who reports a substantial increase in credit care fraud in the Dominican Republic).

If you are considering a destination wedding at one of the resorts in the Dominican Republic, we would urge you visit the State Department’s website for Dominican Republic Travel Warnings.


Anonymous said...
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Jennyjenn said...

Sad to hear that happened to your friends. oddly enough I've been to Punta Cana twice before and am planning my wedding there and I ABSOLUTELY am picky- but LOVED it. I believe it is like everywhere else- we must be cautious and horrible things can happen to anyone.
I am wondering why else you think Punta Can resorts are not up to par- or if you have heard- seen different experiences.

Ultimate Destination Weddings said...

We've heard some other negative things about the resorts in Punta Cana and warnings for female travelers. It's a shame really. Because we've also heard some great things about the diving off Punta Cana.

Full disclosure: We've not actually been to Punta Cana for these reasons. I'm sure we'll go there one day and may have a different opinion.

Marisol Castillo said...

any chance you can advice me hotel names where this happened? i am currently looking for reorts to plan my wedding in DR.

Villa.Castellamonte said...

A sobering story, to be sure. Our recommendation is to flee from those over-crowded, heavily over-worked resort destinations to a private luxury villa. For about the same money on a per person basis, you can enjoy a weekend, a week or longer in gorgeous luxury villas with staff who cater to your every need.

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