Sunday, December 6, 2009

Travel Insurance for Destination Weddings

One aspect of destination weddings that people often neglect is travel insurance. Destination weddings involve travel and sometimes the worst case can happen – a trip gets cancelled due to weather, illness or something else.

Travel insurance can protect you from these cancellations and problems. If your trip gets cancelled, you can get a refund. If you should encounter a medical problem, most travel accident insurance can get you good medical care. Personally, we both carry International SOS coverage through our employers for emergency medical. However, that wouldn’t help us with the financial piece of a cancelled trip.

If you purchase travel insurance, make sure it covers trip cancellation, trip delay and medical coverage. Most insurance coverage also covers lost or stolen luggage and personal property.

Do your homework to make sure you’re getting a good policy. Be sure to read all the fine print and ask lots of questions. Also, make sure your policy will cover the wedding (or "event") portion of your trip, not just the travel part.

From our perspective, travel insurance is mandatory for a destination wedding. Given the amount of money you’re spending on your big day, it’s better than taking any chances.

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Harrison said...

My wife and I took a destination wedding through and we almost had to cancel at the last minute because of her father's illness. But we didn't have insurance and we went anyway (her father was able to come, in the end). If it had turned out that we couldn't make it, I don't know what would have happened. Yes, get insurance, so you can afford to make the trip again if something happens!