Thursday, April 19, 2007

Out-of-Town Bags

Out-of-town (OOT bags) are a great way to welcome guests to your wedding because they are often left in guests' rooms when they check in or are otherwise distributed early in the wedding weekend. The items inside typically reflect the location or a thematic element of the wedding—we once arrived at a cousin's Kansas City wedding to find a bottle of BBQ sauce waiting in the hotel room—or they may be useful at the wedding itself.

We began to think about OOT bags nearly a year in advance to take advantage of end-of-season sales. We were lucky to find some great waterproof beach bags that solved the dilemma of what container to use for the favors. The question of what to put in the bags, though, was a bigger, much-debated issue. We considered a wide variety of items: personalized beach towels, mini martini shakers, cocktail mixes, various kinds of food, and more. In the end, we were constrained primarily by space because whatever we bought, we would need to bring with us to the Bahamas...along with our luggage, scuba gear, Wedding Dress, etc. We opted for several small items that we could carry easily, including aloe, inflatable pillows, Chap Stick and miniature fans, and we bought granola bars and water bottles at a small market when we arrived.

Popular sits for OOT bag items include:

The Dollar Spot at Target is also an excellent place to grab good stuff (for real cheap) for OOT bags.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful idea, thanks for the tip about the min store. We are getting married on the beach and becasue our guest are paying there own way, we are doing big gift bags for everyone. included is:

Harney & Sons wedding tea tens;
water cameras;
supper goop sunscreens;
insect repellent spray and wipes;
a beach sudoku book;
a Spanish phrase book;
little bottles of Corazon tequila;
a romance kit (1) that i am putting together that included:
message bars from babes in toyland;
organic bubble bath;
candle holder and candles;
personalized match boxes;
little bags of rose pedals; and a little tin of wintergreen mints
Also, for the bags i have had a design that i created silkscreened onto them.

I have spent wayyyy too much for our wedding favors, but hey we only have 15 guest and we are saving a lot by doing destination so.... you only get married once!